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Thousands of Jewish residents from Brooklyn neighborhood of Georgetown and nearby area joined in a special full day of Lag BaOmer celebrations organized by Chabad of Georgetown.

The day began with a Rally where children recited the twelve pesukim and won valuable prizes, including an iPad mini. The Rally was followed by a full afternoon of carnival rides, a massive barbecue and treats like popcorn and cotton candy.

As the wonderful day turn to evening a bonfire was lit and the celebrations continued into the night with dancing and singing.

The event was arranged by Georgetown Shluchim Rabbi Avrohom and Shulamis Holtzberg, with the assitance from Bochurim studying in the
Over 1,500 men, women, and children attended Chabad of Georgetown’s annual Lag Ba'omer festival, organized by Rabbi Avraham Holtzberg.

Participants enjoyed entertainment, a barbecue, raffles, rides, music, a bonfire, and lots more.

After Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum, who came accompanied by a lively group of bochurim, told the children the beautiful story behind the Lag Ba'omer celebration, many raffles with exciting prizes were distributed, including a grand prize raffle for an iPAD 2!

The crowds of people were free to spend their time among numerous different attractions, including a giant pirate ship, the spinning apple twist, and a mini roller coaster. There was even hors
Hachnasat Sefer Torah donated by Mark and Regina Shprintzas
Chabad of Georgetown annual Purim Party and Purim feast.
Annual Chabad of Georgetown Womens Costume Party. This years theme was "Purim in Morocco" featuring a Moroccan setting with Moroccan food.
Annual Chabad of Georgetown Childrens Purim Party featuring a special "simon sez" performer, games, mishloach manot and much more.
Over 1,000 Children and Adults joined the annual Chabad of Georgetown Lag Baomer festival with rides, horses, BBQ, prizes, bonfire and much more!
מאות ישראלים המתגוררים בשכונת ג'ורג'-טאון בברוקלין ערכו השבוע כפרות בסמיכות לבית-חב"ד בשכונה בניהולו של הרב אברהם הולצברג. למאות הישראלים סייעו בחורים מ-770
בתוך 4 שנים בלבד, בית-חב"ד בשכונת ג'ורג'-טאון בברוקלין מילא את ארון-הקודש שלו בספרי-תורה מהודרים עטופים בקטיפה ■ אתמול (ראשון) הוכנס ספר-תורה הרביעי בהשתתפות רבני השכונה ומאות תושבים ■ אז מה ההסבר של השליח הרב אברהם הולצברג ואיזו סגולה הביאה את הקהל הגדול ■